About Us

We are here for the well-being of rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and, rarely, rabbits that find themselves unwanted by their previous families for a variety of reasons. While we are aware that snakes and other animals have to eat, we hold the belief that any animals used as "feeders" deserve the same respect as their predators.

We are also partnering with another local rescue to take in specifically Leopard Geckos. This is a side project for the rescue and we will not have them often for adoption.

Whenever possible, we vow to take in, rehabilitate, and socialize any unwanted "little nibblers". We also vow to educate the general public in the proper care and treatment of said animals. We are based in the Kansas City, MO area and are always looking for adoptive and foster homes for all sorts of animals.

*Note* Little Nibblers' Rescue is a foster-home based rescue group. All of our fosters have been thoroughly screened and provide weekly updates on all fostered pets. Any fosters that may have "controversial" personal pets have provided proof that these animals are not a threat to any fostered "Nibblers". If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly via email (found on the adoption/surrender pages).

You can also find us on our Facebook.com groups here: